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Merrion Customer Benefits:

  • Reliability : 34 Years Reliability
  • Expertise : Proven Track Record in Security Systems
  • Staff: All Fully Trained & Vetted
  • Support : 24/7 Backup Service Nationwide
  • Cost Effective : Due to Buying Power of a long Established Business

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms DublinMerrion Advanced Security Solutions installs and services burglar & intruder alarms for the protection of property and personnel in commercial, educational and retail environments. We can provide a cost-effective and a reliable solution to protect your building or business.

All burglar & House alarm systems installed by Merrion are compliant with EN50131 Standard, NSAI Certified and PSA Approved.

Wireless House Alarms Systems

Merrion can install a wire or wireless alarm system, which can
include the following:

  • Perimeter Protection and Motion Sensors
  • Wireless External Siren
  • Key fobs to control the alarm system by setting and unsetting
  • Modern Design Keypads with optional colours
  • Smoke Detection devices including smoke, heat and co2
  • Voice and SMS alerts to the user, when the alarm activates.

Home Alarms




24Hr Panic Button Alarms

  • 24 Hr Merrion Monitored Panic Buttons, by using a fixed, or portable transmitter to deliberately activate the intruder alarm
  • The signal is sent to the 24hr control room, where an operator will contact the emergency services
  • Merrion Monitored Panic Buttons can be used as social/elderly alarms, retail applications or educational applications

Burglar Alarms Dublin




External Burglar Alarms

  • Detection Before Entry and Deterrent Before Loss
  • Most buildings are protected by traditional burglar alarm systems, which rely on internal detection therefore leaving external areas vulnerable to theft, damage and litigation
  • Merrion Perimeter intruder Systems have been used for Anti-vandalism, Vacant Property Protection, Driveway Alarm, Health and Safety and integrated with CCTV monitoring

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