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Merrion Customer Benefits:

  • Reliability : 34 Years Reliability
  • Expertise : Proven Track Record in Security Systems
  • Staff: All Fully Trained & Vetted
  • Support : 24/7 Backup Service Nationwide
  • Cost Effective : Due to Buying Power of a long Established Business


CCTV Systems / Monitoring

Merrion Security CCTV Monitoring does not sleep, it is never ill and it does not take holidays. Our CCTV systems can assist in enhancing overall security and help with the following:

  • Prevention of employee theft
  • Shoplifting and armed robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Reduction of personal injury claims
  • Customer service & other losses that occur due to lack of supervision
  • Health and Safety

CCTV Ireland

Digital Recording

Security Cameras Dublin

Never Miss A Moment with High Grade Digital Recording by Merrion. Your cameras are working, but will the evidence they capture be there when you need it!


Merrion install various digital recorders from the cost effective versions for a domestic environment, the commercial versions and IP recording units that can record multiple cameras from 50 – 160 cameras!

All recorders have functions such as: till scan management, remote access ability and the ability to control full function cameras.

CCTV recording units can be viewed from anywhere in the world over the internet or iPhone.


24-7 CCTV Monitoring

When a CCTV system is combined with a professional remote CCTV monitoring service, the effectiveness of the CCTV is raised to a new level by providing all the benefits of a manned on-site presence at a fraction of the cost.

In the event of an intrusion at the customer's site, our dedicated CCTV Monitoring operators will be able to view live images from site whilst simultaneously transmitting audio messages to deter intruders where possible. Where appropriate, they will contact the relevant emergency services and keyholders.

CCTV Monitoring Dublin

Specialist CCTV Security Cameras Systems

Merrion Security installs various specialist CCTV security cameras systems for customer requirements such as:

  • Till Scan Systems
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System
  • Covert Camera System
  • Community / Public Surveillance
  • Thermal Imaging System

CCTV Systems